The forecast for May 23rd was poor, at least as far as the wind conditions were concerned.


10 knots from midday, which is not enough for most kiters.


The weather was great nonetheless, and by 11am the sun had brought the temperature up to a pleasant 24 degrees and a light breeze made life as pleasant as possible.


Just not for the kite fans.

From 11am, however, there was hope for thermals, as the first gusts from the northeast blew over the bay of Stagnone and one or two people got ready and the kites were on the beaches of the bird sanctuary.

The thermals then arrived, but the wind speeds were not sufficient for most kiters. Many schools made a virtue out of necessity and practiced kite safety and takeoffs and landings, lighter kiters could move around the bay with mats, but more extensive experience was probably not generated that day.

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Pictures: Stagnone Islands Kite and Wingsurfing School