The Scirocco has been blowing through the towns around Stagnone all night.

Marsala and Trapani are familiar with this wind, which always brings a lot of dust with it.

Kite fans, holidaymakers and kite professionals were able to take to the water early, as the wind had shifted to the north-east but the conditions were still great.

For many, the winds from the north are simply more pleasant because they are easier to control and don’t come along as boeig
as often the Scirocco from the south, south-west or south-east.

By 12 noon, the bay was already full of kite fans and kite schools, who did not disappoint the many holidaymakers who had chosen this safe kite spot.

once again did not disappoint and were able to create a unique experience.

The sun was shining brightly and by lunchtime it had quickly reached 19 degrees.
Wind, sun and the sensational bay of Lo Stagnone – what more could you want…

Towards the evening, the wind died down and from 6 pm onwards the evening atmosphere began with the expected wonderful sunset.

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Pictures: Stagnone Islands Kite and Wing School Marsala & Kitesurfing Lo Stagnone Jump mark-mc-neill-unsplash