On Wednesday 01 May 2024, the foothills of the Scirocco from the previous day were still in evidence until around 10:30.

It rained repeatedly all night in 5-10 minute showers and the morning also turned out to be
and with many small rain showers.

The wind forecast had dropped considerably and by 11am it didn’t look like a day for kiting.

The sun appeared over the bay again from 10.30am and the hope of a thermal wind that would heat up the land
and so often in Lo Stagnone from 11-12 o’clock a nice wind arises – these hopes took with the numerous kiters
at the various kite spots and kite schools.

The kite schools took the day to teach the young and easy students, for the ambitious athletes the wind forces were
not high enough for the ambitious athletes and many launch attempts got stuck at this stage.

But it was a great and summery day in Lo Stagnone and the many holidaymakers who gathered in the bars and kitespots on this public holiday on the first of May had a great day on and in the water of the bay of Stagnone.

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