Alba in Lo Stagnone April 2024

Sunrise was around 6.30 am, depending on who saw the sun behind the hills of the town first.

The Alba is also legendary in Lo Stagnone, especially when it is ushered in by a phenomenal full moon, as was the case at this time of year.

There was almost no wind in the morning and the temperature quickly rose to 18 – 20 degrees on this wonderful Sunday.

The forecasts from the various weather apps and the various wind gurus at the revitalising kitespots were not good for this beautiful Sunday.

The various hotels, hostels and rooms were slowly filling up with kitesurfing fans who, like every year, come to the beautiful island of Sicily from mid-April.

It is still cosy and uncrowded – almost intimate – but the water temperatures are already around 18-19 degrees and kiting without shoes and with a 2.5 neoprene is no problem.

As is so often the case in Lo Stagnone, the wind picked up between 13:00 and 14:00, but after a few 15-metre mats aborted launch attempts, it was clear that this was not enough to have much fun.

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