Lo Stagnone Wind and Weather Diary 27 April 2024

Strong winds from the north-east arrived very early.

The sun made its way across the bay as early as 6.30 am and the bay of Stagnone
and the offshore islands shone in a wonderful light

The wind came directly from the north-east again with up to 18 knots but so early in the morning the Lo Stagnone was still almost like a virgin.

None of the kiters or surfers
accepted the offer of having the bay to themselves.

It was already warm early with almost 15 degrees.

From 8.30am onwards, some kiters on the south side took advantage of the hour and were out with kites between 8s and 12s.

Around midday it was still 16 knots from the north and at 2pm the wind died down a little.

During the course of the day, the wind shifted again and again to southeast to south, so the Scirocco from the previous day had slight foothills.

The temperature climbed to a summery 24-25 Grand

In the evening, Lo Stagnone began to wake up again.

A lively hustle and bustle began this Saturday in the kite spots and also in the town
from 6 – 7 pm with the search for the best spots for the breathtaking sunsets here in Marsala – the “Tramontos” for which this place is also so famous

Temperatures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were just under 4 degrees on averadge


April 27, 2024

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