Lo Stagnone Wind and Weather Diary 25 April 2024

In the morning it was about 13 degrees and overcast.

Light showers but at about 11 o’clock the clouds retreated and the sun came out – midday temperatures about 16 degrees and sunny

With the sun came out – midday temperatures around 16 degrees and sunny with 18 – 20 knots of wind.

The wind came from the north-west, as so often in Stagnone Marsala, and then changed into a pure Scirocco with gusts from the south to south-east.

Kiting was possible from around 8 o’clock in the morning – wind partly gusty but stable – most of the kites
came onto the bay from 10am – most kite sizes were between 9 and 12 square metres.

The wind, i.e. the Scirocco, remained stable throughout and became a little stronger in the afternoon with up to 22 knots, almost a little rough.

The kitesurfing opportunities remained stable throughout the day and those who were able to take the day off or had come to Marsala to kite in the wonderful bay of Lo Stagnone
certainly had fun.

Kitesurfing Lo Stagnone Wind and Weather Diary 26 April 2024

In the evening, as is often the case, the wind calmed down and the first guests visited the bars and restaurants in Marsala and around the bay of Lo Stagnone

Pictures: antonio-sessa–unsplash – Kitesurfing Wetter Lo Stagnone 25 April 2024 uniqsurface–unsplash

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