Wind statistics in the Lo Stagnone kitesurfing area in Sicily

The Lo Stagnone kitesurfing area in Sicily is a paradise for kitesurfers from all over the world.

In addition to the picturesque landscapes and clear water, it also offers ideal wind conditions that make kitesurfing an unforgettable experience.

To understand the significance of these wind conditions, it is important to take a closer look at the wind statistics in this area.

The wind statistics of Lo Stagnone are based on the analysis of wind direction, wind strength and wind duration over a certain period of time, usually several years. This data is crucial for kitesurfers to plan their sessions and find the best conditions for their riding experience.

The predominant wind direction in Lo Stagnone is northwest, which means the wind comes from the northwest and hits the kitesurfing area. This wind, known as “Mistral” or “Maestrale”, is stable and provides constant conditions for kitesurfing. The geographical location of Lo Stagnone favors this wind, as the area is surrounded by land and the winds from the sea hit the flat water, creating optimal conditions for kitesurfing.


Wind strength varies depending on the season and time of day.

During the summer months, particularly from June to September, the wind in Lo Stagnone tends to be stronger, often reaching speeds of 15 to 25 knots or more. These strong winds make summer a popular time for kitesurfers looking for adrenaline and action. During the winter months the wind can be slightly lighter, but is still in the 10 to 20 knot range, which still provides good conditions for kitesurfing.

The wind duration, i.e. the time during which the wind blows with sufficient strength, also varies depending on the season. In summer, kite surfers can often enjoy good wind conditions all day long, while in winter it is more favorable at certain times of the day. Nevertheless, there is almost always enough wind in Lo Stagnone to enable a successful kitesurfing session.

In summary, the wind statistics in the Lo Stagnone kitesurfing area in Sicily offer optimal conditions for kitesurfing. With constant north-westerly winds, variable wind strength and sufficient wind duration, Lo Stagnone is a premier destination for kitesurfers of all levels looking for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience.


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The wind statistics are based on measurement data from the weather station in Marsala – Lo Stagnone. In addition, you can request historical raw data from the wind and weather measurements from this station, for example for insurance purposes or vacation planning. The arrows show the wind direction.


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