One of the most impressive experiences in Sicily is revealed in the breathtaking panoramas and the fascinating combination of colors and scents that this part of the island has to offer.

This experience is particularly closely linked to the historic pier for the barge to and from Mozia and the adjacent salt pans of the lagoon called Stagnone near Marsala.

This lagoon itself, a nature reserve with ancient roots at the western end of Sicily between Marsala and Trapani, is a popular destination for international tourists.

But that’s not all:

The big kitesurfing lagoon undoubtedly serves as an excellent starting point for exploring various attractions in this region of the island.

These include the historic wine cellars where the famous Marsala fortified wine is still produced, the Trapani salt flats, the medieval town of Erice and the fantastic Lo Zingaro Natural Reserve, which promises a holiday full of sea, nature, peace and discovery.

The islands of Stagnone take their name from the shallow lagoon of the same name, the largest in Sicily, which extends between the four islands of San Pantaleo (Mozia), Isola Grande, Schola and Santa Maria, which in turn belong to the archipelago of the Egadi Islands. They are part of the ‘Isole dello Stagnone di Marsala’ nature reserve.

The archipelago of the Stagnone Islands covers an area of 2000 hectares and extends from Punta San Teodoro to Capo Lilibeo. The reserve includes the entire lagoon bordering the open sea off Isola Grande, as well as the other three islands, including the most important, Mozia. Here are the famous salt pans or saltworks, where salt is still extracted and which can be visited. The old windmills, which were once used to pump water and produce salt, are impressive. This nature reserve was one of the first in Sicily (1984) and, in addition to the crystal-clear, shallow water and untouched nature with its extremely diverse flora and fauna, also offers areas steeped in history with a variety of archaeological remains.

And don’t forget the jetty to Mozia: the Arini e Pugliese tourism consortium provides a connection to and from Mozia with the motor ship Tanit as well as a visit to the lagoon. The cost of the ferry is around 5 euros (round trip) for adults and 2.50 euros for children. In addition, an entrance fee of 9 euros is charged to access the island. The coastal region is also home to several windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing schools, which attract both youth and fishing tourists to the waters of the Stagnone. And to relax after these exciting days, you can book one of our luxury villas in the area and relax in the cool private pool.

Pictures: sterlinglanier-lanier-unsplash